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ISPrime provides institutional clients with multi-asset execution across Tier 1 aggregated liquidity venues together with Prime Brokerage services and cutting edge front to back technology

The Company was founded in 2014 and has rapidly become one of the most reputable brokerage firms in the world

IS Prime Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Why Us?

We deliver customised solutions

IS Prime is part of the ISAM group, a leading systematic absolute return asset management company. By virtue of being involved in systematic trading, ISAM focuses and invests very heavily in its trading technology and a diverse array of highly talented people.

IS Prime leverages these powerful elements to provide clients with all of the necessary sophisticated tools in order for them to differentiate themselves in a very competitive market. We pride ourselves on proprietary technology, unrivalled aggregated liquidity and outstanding client service.


In order to offer clients a truly bespoke service, the technology we deliver has to be largely developed in-house.

Our philosophy is to buy ‘best of breed’ for core functionality but to build enhancements and flexibility around it subject to our clients’ specific needs.


We are able to manage liquidity scientifically. This is due to the outstanding calibre of people within the quantitative trading unit and the state of the art technology we deploy.

This results in an almost infinite amount of aggregation permutations which can comprise traditional banks, non-bank LPs and ECNs as a unique source of order driven liquidity.


At the heart of our business model lies the e-Coverage team. Our philosophy is to pro-actively engage with clients, deliver rapid solutions, offer thought provoking input and above all ensure that they have a seamless and professional client experience. Whilst automation and execution optimisation are embedded within the DNA of the group, a personalised and targeted client service offering is of paramount importance.

Our Clients

We cater to a broad audience of clients from within the financial markets.

Our Prime of Prime offering typically appeals to e-FX Brokerage Firms who require solid technology, robust and well-managed liquidity, real time reporting and margin trading. However, this offering is also of interest to proprietary trading groups, smaller fund managers and private banks.

Our Agency offering is directed towards institutional clients such as Bank proprietary desks, Hedge Funds, Classic Buy-Side Firms and Large corporates. We provide them with deep, anonymous and unique liquidity solutions through a Centrally Cleared model backed by a leading UK based Banking Institution.


We are a unique provider in the PoP space. The combination of Hedge Fund pedigree and highly reputable FX professionals is a compelling one.


We are in the business of delivering flexible out-of-the-box solutions. Each and every client set-up is tailor-made.


In a constantly changing and challenging environment, innovation is of paramount importance.
At IS Prime innovation prevails.

Future Proof

Our system architecture has been built by some of the greatest minds in the fintech arena and continues to evolve to keep us ahead of the pack.


Executive Team

The Executive Team consists of senior individuals from both the Absolute Return arena and the FX, derivatives and commodities markets. Each member of the team has more than a decade of experience on the buy and sell sides and together their combined knowledge and experience means that they are able to direct and drive the business in a highly sophisticated and forward thinking manner.


Management Team

The management team at IS Prime comprises a group of market veterans that has an unrivalled reputation from several top tier institutions including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Citibank and Man Group. The two Managing Partners of the business, Raj Sitlani and Jonathan Brewer have worked together for over a decade within a diverse range of roles across the financial asset classes.

Technology Team

The Trading & Technology team comprises a compact and senior group of individuals with extensive experience in quantitative trading and execution systems. The team constantly strives to enhance all aspects of the front to back offering focusing on latency, order processing capacity, client connectivity solutions and seamless back office reconciliations to name but a few. This close knit unit ranks amongst the most highly regarded technology teams in London.


Coverage Team

The Coverage Team consists of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. In addition to possessing very strong academic and analytical skills we have several individuals with FX trading backgrounds who oversee all aspects of system functionality and execution. Accordingly, the team is equipped to respond quickly and intelligently to a wide array of questions from clients be they straightforward administrative enquiries, trading requests, execution optimisation changes or complex technology set-up requirements.

It goes without saying that in order for the IS Prime business to operate smoothly, a further group of units is in place to support and assist the core team. These includes risk, operations, treasury and compliance, all of which interact closely to ensure that we offer a robust and efficient service combined with adhering strictly to the regulatory framework of the FCA.


Tier 1
Liquidity Aggregation

IS Prime has built a strong reputation for its liquidity management.

Our quant teams are in regular contact with their peers at the major bank and non-bank liquidity providers to discuss all elements of the flow that is directed towards us. We believe that open and transparent dialogue of this nature is of paramount importance in ensuring we receive the best pricing available. By comparing our execution metrics on latency, aftermath and inception points with our providers we can confidently offer an aggregated liquidity panel to our clients that has been uniquely designed for their business. In addition to spot FX on 80+ crosses, we also offer liquidity on spot precious metals, index swaps and commodity index swaps.


In addition to our liquidity offering, we have substantial lines with our main Prime Brokers.

These institutions rank amongst the most highly capitalised and creditworthy banks in Europe. These relationships in turn allow us to offer tailor made and robust Prime of Prime services to our clients. Clients benefit from a full suite of front to back hosted solutions together with pre-trade risk checks and competitive margin terms.
The Prime of Prime business offers multi-venue liquidity, coupled with real-time reporting with positions netted and margin/risk alerts based on the net positions.


As a natural extension of our brokerage services, IS Prime has constructed a separate technology and liquidity environment geared towards the Institutional client base.

Our agency platform is backed by a leading UK Banking Institution on the basis of a centrally cleared model. Liquidity is available via an API or GUI, with the latter offering a multitude of execution order types and extensive algorithmic capabilities. Contributors to the liquidity pool comprise of the major market making banks, non-bank LPs and selected ECNs. Clients therefore benefit from a deep, anonymous and unique liquidity solution.


A natural expansion of our liquidity offering has been to create an API through which clients can access the most popular instruments based on index and commodity underliers.

We are able to leverage the existing exchange connectivity architecture of our main shareholder in order to access the most liquid global futures markets for hedging these instruments. In line with our overall firmwide philosophy we will be able to create bespoke offerings for each and every client rather than providing a ‘one size fits all’ product. This approach will allow clients to differentiate themselves in ways that have not been possible before. The Non-FX product line is a premium offering and will only be offered on a case by case basis.


Technology lies at the heart of our business.

In today’s challenging trading environment, a robust, efficient and bespoke technology offering is central to our clients' needs. We have made significant investments in our trading and clearing architecture and we will continue with this strategy to ensure that we are always leading and not lagging the market.
Our philosophy is to deploy high-end off the shelf trading engines and components together with in-house developed software thus creating an almost perfect hybrid model. This philosophy allows us to review each client’s specific requirements and tailor make the appropriate solution.


As a result of our overarching technology strategy we have been able to attain consistently fast execution times through our ultra-fast matching engines.

We have venues in both NY4 and LD4 which have been built on state of the art low latency infrastructures. This high-end deployment is yet another cornerstone behind our quest to provide a seamless distribution of liquidity to our clients.


At IS Prime we do not believe in an "out of the box" approach.

Clients have different requirements both from a trading and reporting perspective. Our approach is to be consultative and collaborative which means that every onboarding and set up that we carry out has been developed uniquely for a specific client. Once a client has completed the onboarding process from a KYC and technical perspective we will go through an exhaustive test phase before final go-live is signed off. Thereafter our 24hr Coverage team will support the client and monitor a complex array of metrics to ensure that all systems are running to expectation. This includes but is not limited to connectivity, risk, margin utilisation, execution quality and reconciliation.


A further unique aspect of our offering is the flexibility to allow clients to connect to us through a multitude of channels.

We can support a plain vanilla set up whereby clients use a standard bridge from their MT4 environment through to a multi-faceted technology architecture incorporating order management systems, risk software and multiple front-end vendor technology.

For risk services please visit IS Risk Analytics

Technology Partners

These are some of the partners we work with:


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